December 18, 2015

Brooklyn Decker was just another 18-year-old model trying to make it in New York City when she visited SI for a swimsuit casting. After that, everything changed. Here's a look back at Brooklyn's rise to fame.

What was Brooklyn like in high school? She held the rare distinction of being both senior class president and member of the cheerleading team. But she was no angel. She once flipped out after the school's yearbook adviser wouldn't allow her a presence in the end-of-year special. "I don't know what came over me -- I was crazy in high school. I was all hopped up on Red Bull," she told MTV of the incident.

Brooklyn didn't let the yearbook snub slow her down. She moved to New York City after high school to be a model. It didn't go so well. "I have boobs and I talk too much and I smile too much," she told the Daily Mail of her early days in NYC. Despite these problems, She landed one casting ... with SI Swimsuit.

Turns out that SI Swimsuit fans like models with boobs who talk and smile too much. Brooklyn was an immediate hit for not only her looks but also her personality. Just keep her away from the fruit. 

Brooklyn was such a big hit her rookie year, it was a no-brainer to bring her back in 2007.

Around this time, we realized that Brooklyn was so much more than just a model. And it just so happened that SI's legendary NFL writer (and general curmudgeon) Dr. Z needed a partner for his new video series. Enter Brooklyn and the birth of the "She Says, Z Says" videos.

So now Brooklyn is a superstar model, burgeoning video star and dream girl of men everywhere. Yet she was still single. That all changed when a pro tennis player named Andy Roddick asked his agent to track down Brooklyn's number. Sure, It took her five months for her to call him, but when she finally did the couple hit it off and were engaged a year later.

In 2009, Hollywood came calling and Brooklyn tried her hand at acting when she guest-starred on the NBC sitcom Chuck.

The acting bug stung her hard. She was soon cast as a guest star in Royal Pains and Ugly Betty. More importantly, She donned body paint for the first time and became the sexiest map ever in the 2009 SI Swimsuit issue.

Brooklyn was on a roll. She was SI's most popular model and developing a nice little acting career. There was only one box that still needed to be checked -- landing the SI Swimsuit cover. She achieved that goal in 2010.

If the cover didn't made Brooklyn Decker a household name, the yellow bikini she wore in Just Go With It did the trick.  

Brooklyn was now a certified A-lister and soon landed starring roles in Battleship, What to Expect When You're Expecting and Stretch. She was also cast in the Amazon series Grace and Frankie playing Jane Fonda's daughter. 

You can now find Brooklyn living in Austin, Texas with Roddick, their one-year-old son Hank and English Bulldog Billie Jean.

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