In this week’s Power Rankings, Michigan State retakes the top spot, followed by Oklahoma, Kansas and North Carolina.

By Luke Winn
January 14, 2016

Vol. 7 of the Power Rankings has a new No. 1 team, Perry Ellis analysis that doesn’t involve his age, an ArchPost Update, and assessments of the value of Denzel Valentine, Amile Jefferson and—because you weren’t expecting it—Ryan Fazekas. Dig in:

The Next 16

17. Oregon
18. Purdue
19. Iowa State
20. Michigan
21. Arizona
22. Pittsburgh
23. Baylor
24. Dayton
25. USC
26. South Carolina
27. UCLA
28. Louisville
29. Butler
30. Indiana
31. Gonzaga
32. UConn
Climbing: Wichita State

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