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The Mountain West Conference says a controversial call on a three-pointer at the end of overtime in Wednesday night’s Boise State-Colorado State game was incorrect due to discrepancy in the video review.

By SI Wire
February 12, 2016

Colorado State defeated Boise State 97–93 in double overtime on Wednesday night after a game-winning three-point shot by Boise State’s James Webb in the first overtime was called off. On Friday, the Mountain West Conference released a statement that said Webb’s shot should have counted and that a video discrepancy is why the officials waved it off after review.

NCAA rules do not allow a protest to be filed or the result of the game to be overturned.

The clock above the backboard showed 0.4 seconds when Webb released the ball but the video replay system showed that time had expired. On Thursday, the conference attempted to clarify the call and released the video the officials used to make the call, with the “digital stopwatch” visible.

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After a further investigation into the matter, the MWC issued a statement Friday changing its stance:

”The Mountain West has determined there was in fact a confirmed discrepancy between the rate at which the embedded digital stopwatch advanced and the rate at which the game clock regressed during the instant replay review. The game officials correctly administered the play and, based upon the available video evidence and timing data at their disposal, made the correct decision to disallow the basket. However, they were unknowingly viewing video not delivered at full speed from the production truck.”

The Broncos fell to 16–9 with the loss, while the Rams improved to 14–10. 

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