March 06, 2016

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) North Carolina State assistant coach Rob Moxley will become the team's director of player personnel after the season.

The school announced the change Sunday.

Moxley has been an assistant through head coach Mark Gottfried's five-year tenure. The change comes roughly 10 months after Moxley had a life-threatening health scare that left him hospitalized for several days.

The new role will have Moxley, known as a tireless recruiter, assist in personnel development and on-campus recruiting activities as well as administrative duties.

In a statement, Gottfried said Moxley's experience ''will continue to be a strength for us as he helps us find new ways to improve our team in all areas.''

The position was previously held by former Wolfpack player Dereck Whittenburg, who is now as associate athletics director.

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