Bryce Wood/Twitter
By Kenny Ducey
March 26, 2016

Sometimes, a work of art enters your Twitter timeline that you simply can't ignore.

At this point, the 'Crying Jordan' meme is severely played out. If you want to make a splash, you're going to need to use your mind and flex your Photoshop muscles.

Well, Twitter user Bryce Wood (@woodymlb4) voluntarily created us an entire NCAA tournament preview cover comprised entirely of weeping Mikes. He didn't just slap a crying face on our existing cover—no, that was a four-part cover. He actually rounded up the saddest faces of March and blended Jordan's watering eyes and teary cheeks on them.

From the crying flute player, to sad Bill Murray, to a sad Wichita State Shocker, this really has it all. Well done, sir.

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