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The NCAA contacted Mark Few to inform him that officials botched a 10-second violation call against Syracuse.

By SI Wire
April 01, 2016

The NCAA called Gonzaga head coach Mark Few to inform him that the officials in its Sweet 16 game against Syracuse botched a call on a 10-second violation in the final minutes of the game, according to the Associated Press.

The officials made the call with 1:17 remaining and the Bulldogs up 60–59. The 10-second violation came on Josh Perkins’s missed pass to Kyle Dranginis that was deflected by Syracuse’s Trevor Cooney into the back court. Dranginis​ regained possession but the referees called the violation despite the fact that the clock should have reset when contact was made on the front court.

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“If you score there, you’re up by (three or) four, and if they subsequently go down and miss, they’d have fouled,” Few said.

Watch the play in question below:

Syracuse went on a 15–3 run to win the game. The Orange are now in the Final Four and set to play North Carolina on Saturday.

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