By SI Wire
February 23, 2017

Lousiville head coach Rick Pitino had to be restrained from going after a North Carolina as he worked off the court for halftime during the Top 10 matchup on Wednesday.

Video shows Pitino walked toward the locker rooms at the Smith Center when he turns around and starts shouting at someone in the stands. Team personnel and staff held him back and ushered him toward the locker room.

A North Carolina team spokesman said that fan was ejected from the arena after the incident.

''We're North Carolina - we don't have to be like everybody else," North Carolina head coach Roy Williams said. "You can raise Cain, you can boo, but you don't have to say stuff that we as coaches have to put up with. I hope that never happens again at North Carolina. I apologize to Rick. I don't know what was said.

"Cheer like crazy for us. I know some of the junk that I have to listen to on the road is not what I enjoy," Williams said

Pitino discussed the incident during his postgame press conference.

''This was a surprise environment," Pitino said. "I've always said that this is the classiest place in college basketball - until I met a fan on the way out. It always reminded me of a class place, but they're getting just like some of the other places now."

'He just got in my face and said something I didn't like. "But I take it from the students all the time,'' Pitino added. ''You expect it from students. But from an adult? And then turns his back on me like he's a coward. And he is a coward."

North Carolina went on to beat Louisville 74–63 to remain in first place in the ACC.

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