Bob Knight is accused of groping four women during a speaking engagement at a U.S. spy agency. 

By Dan Gartland
July 07, 2017

Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Knight is accused of groping four women during a speaking engagement at a U.S. spy agency, The Washington Post reports

Knight was invited to give a speech at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) on July 10, 2015, and is accused of touching the women inappropriately before and after the speech. The FBI and U.S. Army launched criminal investigations in response. 

From the Post:

The women accused Knight of a range of boorish behavior: from touching them on the shoulder while commenting on the attractiveness of their legs, to hugging them too tightly around the chest, to hitting them on the buttocks, according to documents compiled by investigators and Washington Post interviews with three of the women.

One of the women told the Post that Knight “suddenly put his arm around her shoulders and groped her on the buttocks.” Another said Knight “greeted her with a smack on the buttocks” when she got to the front of the autograph line. 

Knight was interviewed by the FBI last July and federal prosecutors declined to press charges.

Knight’s lawyer and his wife denied the allegations in response to the Post. The coach himself did not respond. 

The Post also reports that some NGA employees had complained that Knight was invited in the first place, upset with his history of on-court outbursts and views on women. In 1988, he said during a TV interview, “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”

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