Rick Pitino may find the urge to coach again.

By Chris Chavez
November 20, 2017

Former Louisville head coach Rick Pitino would consider a return to the sidelines if a school approached him early next year with a coaching offer, he told ESPN's Jeff Goodman.

"If a school, come April, comes to me in Miami and says, 'We believe you, we believe you were innocent,' I would give it a shot," Pitino said. "I don't care about the money, the salary."

"But the way I'm looking at it now is that I've got to get on with a different part of my life—build a different life that doesn't include coaching," he added. "I need to be happy, be content."

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Pitino was fired by Louisville after he was allegedly involved in a scheme to pay recruits' families. The scandal is part of an FBI investigation into college basketball. The 65-year-old coach has since moved to Miami. He told ESPN that he may be spotted in attendance at Minnesota basketball games, where his son is the head coach.

Pitino said that "the way I feel today" he would not coach again but that could change in February if he is able to get over the hurt.

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