By lukewinn and Luke Winn
March 25, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY -- This is the calm before the Sweet 16, about 90 minutes before tipoff of Syracuse-Butler:

Energy Solutions Arena

(Luke Winn/SI)

Andy Cox, the Net Efficiency Margin guru over at Crash The Dance, did a Sweet 16 preview today that looks good for Butler. His chart shows that the Bulldogs have been playing at an equal level to the Orange over the past five games. I'm still looking for some explanation of how Butler is going to stop Wes Johnson. There's a chance he could get distracted by Matt Howard's amazing tourney mustache, I guess.

In the press room here at Energy Solutions Arena, each team puts out stacks of postseason media guides. Xavier also put out what amounts to an Inferiority Complex Flier -- and it's kind of hilarious. The Musketeers hate getting called a mid-major so much that they felt the need to print up a card with quotes from national media members stating that Xavier is anything but a mid-major:

Xavier Brochure Front

(Luke Winn/SI)

And on the back, they included a helpful, logo-filled chart that shows the only two teams to have advanced to the past three Sweet 16s:

Xavier Brochure Back

(Luke Winn/SI)

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