By lukewinn and Luke Winn
March 31, 2010

Matt Howard

Butler's Matt Howard, the mustache king of the Final Four. (John W. McDonough/SI)

The Archive returned last week with a "Best of Tourney" edition, headlined by Kentucky's DeMarcus Cousins. With Big Cuz now out of the dance, our new style icon is none other than Butler's Matt Howard, who's the last 'stache standing in '09-10. His Bulldogs have lasted two rounds longer than Blaine Taylor's mustache-powered Old Dominion squad, and Tony (Non-)Shaver's William & Mary team lost in the first round of the NIT to North Carolina. Take it away, Matt ...

The Dirty Bird

(Matt Howard, Butler)

The Connersville Kid's Larry Legend-like 'stache has become so big (too big?) that it has its own Facebook page. He's been growing it out for a month.

F.I. Philosophy

(Shelvin Mack, Butler)

Mack wears this piece of white tape on his right toe, as a reminder to say "Forget It" (the PG version) or "F--- It" (the R-rated version) when he misses a shot.

The Mock Wall

(John Flowers, West Virginia)

Joe Mazzulla's floor-slap against Duke in the '08 tourney was the 'Eers' first major mocking-moment; Flowers' rendition of the John Wall dance is the latest.

Casual Day

(Bob Huggins, West Virginia)

The Mountaineers coach says he doesn't feel right in formalwear, despite the fact that he once sported the greatest sideline suit ever. Now, he only does track jackets.

Princely Salute

(J.P. Prince, Tennessee)

The Vols' lanky star saluted the crowd after nearly every dunk in the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. He didn't salute Michigan State as it booked its trip to Indy, though.

The O.S. (Original Saluter)

(Isaiah Thomas, Washington)

I.T. complained on Twitter, during Tennessee's Elite Eight game, that people were stealing his signature move. He was talking about you, J.P. Prince.

Outer Gellin'

(Terrell Holloway, Xavier)

Holloway wore these Nikes in the epic, double-OT game against K-State. They're cool, but they remind me less of patent leather than they do Dr. Scholl's inserts.


(Brian Zoubek, Duke)

Greg Paulus used to be the Dukie most into flair. Zoubek inherited the throne, rocking a knee-pad and arm-sleeve combo that gives him super-powers in the post.

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