By Andy Glockner
March 04, 2013

Thomas Northcut/Getty ImagesThomas Northcut/Getty Images

Welcome to One And One,'s newest college basketball initiative. In basic terms, I guess you could call this a blog, but the hope and belief is that it won't be relegated to such a narrow definition.

There will be some of the traditional bells and whistles you'd expect from a daily source of college basketball content. If meaningful news breaks, we'll give an opinion on it. If a player's injured, we'll talk about the impact of it. If a great video pops up, we'll give you a look at it. Quality will ultimately be more important than quantity, though. Unique columns, essays and analysis, along with a passionate embrace of social media, will be part of what makes this a daily stop on your college hoops content tour.

Simply put, One And One will be about the game of college basketball and about the people who love it. It will be fresh, honest, intelligent and, at times, whimsical. It will have a strong, dynamic connection with you, the reader. It will not be a one-way relationship. It will hopefully make you think about the game differently and create discussion that enhances everyone's experience.

I couldn't be more excited to have this canvas on which to grow our exploration of this wonderful sport, and to be able to share it with Sports Illustrated's other incredibly bright and talented writers. The madness of March is the perfect launching point, and we will bring it to you in every way possible.

Thanks in advance for coming along for, and for being part of, the ride.


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