By Andy Glockner
August 06, 2013

There has been some Twitter frivolity Tuesday afternoon as long-standing NCAA administration critic and ESPN analyst Jay Bilas has been posting a series of tweets that show obvious connections between well-known college football players and their jerseys for sale.

Oops, sorry, a jersey that coincidentally is the same number as that worn by said famous players.

Some of the awesomely damning, er coincidental, evidence is here:

You can check out the rest of the tweets at @JayBilas. They're worth your time, especially his own creative spins on searches for "Mark Emmert" and "NCAA Executive Committee."

Humored by Jay's assault on NCAA ridiculousness, I decided to see just how accurate and honest the site's search engine really is.

Yup, that's pretty much all the confirmation we need. The NCAA may have honesty issues across its major policy landscape, but the search engine on its shopping site is the most honest thing ever.

been removed from the site

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