By Andy Glockner
September 12, 2013

So, Google introduced a new app for Google Glass called "Blue," which, in short, makes watching baseball games absurdly awesome.

If it's possible for baseball, it has to be possible for basketball, right? Imagine the possibilities for fans getting real-time information on the action unfolding in front of them as they watch their favorite teams play?

Here's a sampling of what could be coming soon to your eye wear:

Wisconsin: "Pass to wing. Pass to post. Pass to top of key. Players cut to post. Swing pass. Pass to corner. Pass to post. Pass to top of key. Swing pass. Ughhh, five seconds to shoot. Pass to wing. 3-pointer. GOOD!"

VCU: "Hard double in backcourt. HARDER double in backcourt. Pass deflected. Triple-team against sideline. Pass stolen. DUNK! Inbounds stolen. 3-pointer. GOOD! Band leader rips off shirt, GOOD!"

Kentucky: "Rebound, Freshman 1. Freshman 1 dribbles across halfcourt. Passes to Freshman 2. One dribble, kick out to Freshman 3. Freshman 3 gets in lane, throws lob to Freshman 4. DUNK!"

Georgetown: "Hoyas miss. Rebound, double-digit seed. Dribble, dribble, pass, DUNK! Double-digit seed by 20. Timeout, JTIII."

Northern Illinois: "Jump shot, no good. Jump shot, no good. Jump shot, no good. Layup, no good. Turnover. Turnover. Jump shot, no good. Putback, no good. Jump shot, no good."

Syracuse: "Orange in 2-3 zone. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, ball fake, pass, pass, pass into high post, kickout pass, pass, pass, 3-pointer no good. Putback no good. Putback no good. Putback GOOD!"

Michigan: "Albrecht 3, GOOD! Albrecht 3, GOOD! Albrecht 3, GOOD! Albrecht tweets at Kate Upton, GOOD!"

Please make this app, Google?

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