By Martin Rickman
March 12, 2014

Billy Donovan Can anyone stop Billy Donovan and the Gators from cutting down the nets in Atlanta? (Rob Foldy/Getty)

The way things work today, some people don't have time for full conference tournament previews. Sure there's still a market for thousands of words on the 11-seed in the ACC or which eighth man could hit double-digit scoring in the quarterfinals. There are plenty of great places to go to find that.

We here at One And One encourage words -- knowledge is power, reading is fundamental -- but for those busy souls who can't wait and just want things given to them now, there's an alternative. Twitter previews, or for lack of a better term, Tweeviews. Each of the eight major conference tournaments simplified to 140 characters or fewer. Admittedly, it's not the most noble enterprise, and it certainly isn't chock full of analysis, but since we'll all be monitoring Twitter pretty much nonstop until the NCAA Championship anyway, it's a good habit to get into.

@AAC: Oh wait this is basketball not football. Then I guess one of those teams with a good guard.


-Martin Rickman

@ACC: Sell your tickets to Duke or UNC fans and go eat BBQ unless you like Virginia or Syracuse and even then it still might be worth it. -MR

@A-10: Dayton plays slow and VCU plays fast and every team in between probably has a chance to win the tournament except for the bottom four. -MR

@Big East: Villanova, we know you really want to stop Dougie. But you can't quintuple-team him. #wraggebombs

- David Gardner

@Big Ten: 

#NSFW #Serpico


@Big 12: Duh. Kansas. Wait. They lost to Texas. Hook 'em, then! But wait. They lost to Oklahoma. So Sooners? Lost to Cyclones. Cyclones? Lost to KU.


@Pac-12: Three bubble teams which only have quality wins over Arizona try to get another quality win over Arizona.


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