By Brian Hamilton
June 06, 2013
Formerly an assistant at Stanford and Texas A&M, Brian Polian was named Nevada's coach in January.
John Byrne/Nevada Media Services

Here is how Polian, generally, characterizes how that choice came to be:

Despite making changes since taking over, Brian Polian plans to keep The Pistol at Nevada.
John Byrne/Nevada Media Services

After all, it was just a few short months earlier that he was an assistant recently spurned for three head jobs, taking a call in his hotel room at Dallas' Hilton Anatole, agreeing to take the Nevada gig while his wife, Laura, jumped up and down. He then walked across the hotel grounds to share teary embraces with his mother and father. Brian Polian fulfilled a vision he'd had since he was 22 years old. His first head coaching job, making it his own in the wake of a legend. No place he'd rather be.

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