By Andy Staples
July 16, 2013
Steve Spurrier is coming off an 11-2 season and a 2013 Outback Bowl win with South Carolina.
Marvin Gentry/USA Today

The playoff starts next year, so Spurrier has a few new pet issues. Because he knows he has a good team, he's happy to speak out about those issues. Foremost among them is his wish that the SEC football players receive $300 a game in expense money. Spurrier would also like to see men's basketball players, whose sport also generates positive revenue, receive between $3,600-$3,900 a year in additional expense money. Spurrier has been beating this drum for a few years, but he believes the players should get more as new television deals keep bringing in millions more every year to be split among coaches, athletic directors and support staff. "This is tiny compared to the money that's coming in now," Spurrier said. "I think we all know that."

Had Spurrier been there, he would have pulled Muschamp aside and given him some veteran advice. When you've got a zinger like that, save it for the big room.

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