By Andy Staples
September 19, 2013
Texas hasn't reached 10 wins under Mack Brown since losing the BCS title game after the 2009 season.
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

If you're in the Los Angeles area to watch Utah State-USC or New Mexico State-UCLA, first accept my condolences that you couldn't find better games. Then allow me to suggest something that will make your trip more fulfilling. Follow Kogi BBQ on Twitter and pay attention. Kogi trucks serve up short rib tacos that will make you weep, but they're always on the move. Kogi usually runs three trucks -- typically in the Valley, LA proper and Orange County -- and diners get a few hours advance notice on Twitter. If you're lucky, Kogi will also be serving up the Cheezy Wheezy -- a grilled cheese on sourdough with cheddar, bananas, peanut butter and salsa Naranja.

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