By Lars Anderson
November 27, 2013
In 1966, Bear Bryant (in hat) and Alabama beat Shug Jordan and Auburn 31-0 in the 31st Iron Bowl.

The Tigers won the game 32-22. Afterward, they gathered in front of a festively decorated carriage, where Miss Delma Wilson was sitting. She had been selected to present a silver cup to the victorious club. When the A&M captain, Thomas Daniels, and the rest of the Tigers surrounded her, Wilson rose to her feet and exclaimed: "Gallant and victorious captain, in the name of the city of Birmingham, I present this cup. Drink from it and remember the victory that you have won this day. May you and your team live to see many more victories." Daniels accepted the Cup. The Tigers fans cheered, the Alabama fans sulked, and so began a rivalry like no other in sports.

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