By Andy Staples
December 05, 2013
Even if Braxton Miller (5) and Ohio State win on Saturday, it's no lock they'd play in the BCS title game.
Tony Ding/AP

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State: The opening-day starter at quarterback got benched in favor of the guy who finished second in the preseason competition. Then the opening-day starter worked to reclaim the job, and the offense took off. So which team are we talking about here, the Cowboys or the Sooners? Oklahoma State figured out its quarterback situation quicker, and the offense has flourished with Clint Chelf running the show. Meanwhile, Oklahoma's Trevor Knight seems to have given the Sooners the offensive identity they had been seeking since replacing the injured Blake Bell. But can Knight handle a Cowboys' defense that leads the Big 12 ,and ranks eighth nationally, with 29 takeaways?

Those headed to Indianapolis for the Big Ten title game need to carve out some time to visit St. Elmo Steakhouse. This Indy landmark serves up fine aged beef, and you're having a giant steak. But the real reason you're going is for the shrimp cocktail. Non-oxymoron jumbo shrimp come swimming in a cocktail sauce loaded with so much horseradish that Satan himself thinks it's a tad over the top. I had a horrendous cold when I covered the 2006 Final Four in Indianapolis. I could barely breathe all weekend. The only moments I breathed freely came after eating St. Elmo cocktail sauce. If you can't get in at St. Elmo, go next door to Harry and Izzy's. They share a kitchen, so you're getting a similar steak and an identical shrimp cocktail.

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