September 11, 2007
College Football Power Rankings: 26-119 ranks the rest of the Division I teams.
26 27
Texas A&M (2-0)
A&M's Jorvorskie Lane, who ran for four clutch touchdowns in a triple-OT win over Fresno State, weighs 275 pounds and is less of a "tailback" (his listed position on the depth chart) than he is a bulldozer in a maroon jersey. His teammates would prefer you not call him, fat, though. "Everybody says Jorvorskie is overweight, or that fat people in the heat start to wear down," Aggies tight end Martellus Bennett told the San Antonio Express-News after winning in the 92-degree heat. "This shows you that Jorvorskie isn't fat. A regular fat guy running the ball probably would've fainted."
27 32
28 28
Missouri (2-0)
29 29
Clemson (2-0)
30 30
Iowa (2-0)
31 39
Alabama (2-0)
32 15
Boise St. (1-1)
33 21
TCU (1-1)
34 26
35 20
Auburn (1-1)
36 33
Texas Tech (2-0)
37 44
Kentucky (2-0)
38 36
Purdue (2-0)
The early leader in the national "most touchdowns without throwing an interception" race is the Boilermakers' Curtis Painter, who currently has 10 touchdown passes and leads Louisville's Brian Brohm by one. Painter's status should be accompanied by an asterisk, since six of the scoring strikes came against (formerly known as I-AA opponent) Eastern Illinois, but this is still a rather promising development. Why? Because in 2006, Painter led the entire country in interceptions with 19.
39 55
When it comes to hyphenated sack-masters, the NFL has Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, college has Jonal Saint-Dic. The Spartans' defensive end recorded three sacks and two forced fumbles in a win over Bowling Green on Saturday -- after being benched to start the game for a helmetless pregame celebration that coach Mark Dantonio deemed inappropriate. Saint-Dic told the Detroit Free Press that he'll be altering his pre-game routine for next week's game against Pittsburgh. "I'll keep my helmet on," he said. "Whatever the man says, I'm doing."
40 40
41 42
Kansas St. (1-1)
42 41
43 38
44 45
Wyoming (2-0)
45 47
46 57
Cincinnati (2-0)
47 35
48 37
Michigan (0-2)
49 78
There are two seconds left in a tie game. Your kicker has missed two fourth-quarter field goals, and is faced with a chance to hit the game-winner from 39 yards out. If you're ECU coach Skip Holtz, what do you tell him during the pre-kick timeout? This joke: "Why did the coach go to the bank? He wanted to get his quarter back." Holtz told the Charlotte Observer that he heard the joke from his 11-year-old son, Chad, and decided to use it on Saturday to break the tension with kicker Ben Hartman. The field goal that followed was good, and the Pirates pulled out a huge home victory.
50 66
Fresno St. (1-1)

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