November 13, 2007
College Football Power Rankings: 26-119 ranks the rest of the Division I teams.
26 12
Auburn (7-4)
In a Monday blog post, Phillip Marshall of the Huntsville Times discussed the "changing landscape" of Tommy Tuberville's status as Auburn's coach beyond 2007. Texas A&M, according to multiple sources, has Tuberville pegged as its No. 1 choice to replace Dennis Franchione after this season. As of a week ago, according to Marshall, there were no indications that either Tuberville or Auburn was interested in severing the relationship. But on the heels of the Tigers' embarrassing, 45-20 loss to Georgia on Saturday, have things changed? Tuberville has irked some by not formally removing himself from speculation about the Aggies job, and his contract isn't likely to be renegotiated until after the Iron Bowl -- allowing nearly two more weeks for rumors to swirl.
27 28
Penn St. (8-3)
28 41
29 19
30 26
California (6-4)
31 42
Air Force (8-3)
Is there some sort of national conspiracy between NCAA refs and the U.S. military? How else do you explain why all three service academies rank in the top 10 nationally in fewest penalties committed per game? Navy is third at 4.40 per, Army is fourth at 4.50, and Air Force is seventh at 4.64. It must be noted, however, that there is no direct corollary between good behavior, penalty-wise, and success: No. 1-ranked LSU is the third-most penalized team in the country, at 9.1 flags per game.
32 33
33 46
34 20
Alabama (6-4)
35 32
Arkansas (6-4)
36 39
Troy (7-3)
We have a new co-leader in the national interception race: The Trojans' Elbert Mack, who picked off his seventh pass of the season on Saturday against Western Kentucky. It was the third straight game in which Mack has recorded a pick; by contrast, the other leader, Florida Atlantic's Tavious Polo, hasn't picked off a ball since Sept. 29. How long can that drought continue?
37 38
Rutgers (6-4)
38 29
39 34
40 48
Oregon St. (6-4)
41 43
42 35
Texas Tech (7-4)
43 37
Purdue (7-4)
44 50
UCF (7-3)
Another stat for the Tebow-for-Heisman dossier: There are only two running backs in the entire country with more rushing touchdowns than the Gators' quarterback, who now has 19 after running for five (!!) against South Carolina on Saturday. One of those backs is the Golden Knights' Kevin Smith, who has 22 TDs and is the NCAA's second-leading rusher. The other is Michigan State's Jehuu Caulcrick, who has 20.
45 51
Iowa (6-5)
46 52
Utah (7-3)
47 56
48 58
Tulsa (7-3)
49 69
50 68
Maryland (5-5)

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