October 23, 2007
College Football Power Rankings: 26-119
51 50
52 28
53 62
Utah (5-3)
54 52
New Mexico (5-2)
55 49
Indiana (5-3)
56 43
TCU (4-4)
57 51
Washington (2-5)
Five-game losing streak be damned -- Ty Willingham's Huskies are easily the best 2-5 team in the country. Washington busted out of the gate this season by beating Syracuse and Boise State ... and then had to run a gantlet that included four top-10 teams in the AP poll: Ohio State, USC, Arizona State and Oregon. The bright side for the Huskies is that the schedule is a lot easier over the next three weeks: they get to face Arizona, Stanford and Oregon State. Win those plus the Apple Cup against Washington State, then upset either Cal or Hawaii, and U Dub is bowling. Not easy, but not implausible, either.
58 65
Stanford (3-4)
59 59
60 71
UCF (4-3)
61 54
Navy (4-3)
62 66
Houston (4-3)
63 69
64 53
Wyoming (4-3)
65 60
Nebraska (4-4)
At least something positive happened in Lincoln on Saturday. Hours before the Huskers' 36-14 loss to unranked Oklahoma State, new athletic director and longtime state hero Tom Osborne addressed a group of 300 fans and boosters at the school's student union. His remarks, even if they didn't include an explicit statement of intent to fire struggling coach Bill Callahan, seemed to placate the crowd. Nebraska alum Bill Poehling told USA Today, "Everything is going to be better. I'm convinced it's going to be better. I'm just thrilled [Osborne] decided to take this. ... There's no one that can do what Tom can do."
66 56
Iowa (3-5)
67 70
68 55
69 72
UTEP (4-3)
70 73
71 75
How long will Tavious Polo hang onto the national interception lead? The Owls improved to 4-3 by beating Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday, but Polo went his second straight game without recording a pick. His last interception occurred back on Sept. 29 against Kentucky's Andre' Woodson, who hadn't been picked off all season up until that point. Meanwhile, Air Force's Carson Bird, who's had three interceptions in the past two weeks -- two against Colorado State on Oct. 13, and one more against Wyoming on Saturday -- is steadily creeping up on Polo. Bird now has six picks, just one behind Polo.
72 67
Tulsa (4-3)
73 68
Louisville (4-4)
74 63
Miami (OH) (4-4)
75 92
Pittsburgh (3-4)

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