October 14, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 26-119
SI.com's Kevin Armstrong ranks the rest of the Division I teams.
26 <a href=South Florida" title="South Florida"> Last Week: 26
27 <a href=South Carolina" title="South Carolina"> Last Week: 42
Setting himself apart from the rank-and-file, Gamecocks cornerback Captain Munnerlyn overcame two muffed punts with his 81-yard blocked FG return touchdown and 84-yard kickoff return to set up a touchdown on Saturday. Steve Spurrier's squad needed all the special ops it could get for the 24-17 win against Kentucky, and the Gamecocks will need even more to defend their territory Saturday night against LSU. Since losing their first two SEC games to Georgia and Vandy, the Gamecocks have won four straight, including two over conference foes (Ole Miss and Kentucky). Les Miles and Co. will be ready for war after last week's blowout loss to Florida.
28 Kentucky
Kentucky (4-2)
Last Week: 20
29 <a href=Pittsburgh" title="Pittsburgh">
Pittsburgh (4-1)
Last Week: 31
30 <a href=Oregon St." title="Oregon St.">
Oregon St. (3-3)
Last Week: 30
31 <a href=Illinois" title="Illinois">
Illinois (3-3)
Last Week: 16
32 <a href=TCU" title="TCU">
TCU (6-1)
Last Week: 35
33 Oregon
Oregon (5-2)
Last Week: 37
34 <a href=Cincinnati" title="Cincinnati">
Cincinnati (5-1)
Last Week: 36
35 <a href=California" title="California">
California (4-1)
Last Week: 38
36 <a href=Boston College" title="Boston College"> Last Week: 40
While Matty "Ice" Ryan is sending shivers down the backs of defenses on Sundays now, his replacement will have a chance to make a name for himself on Saturday night. Chris Crane, a more mobile signal-caller than last year's Heisman candidate, struggled early this season, getting booed, benched and questioned through four games, including a loss to Georgia Tech. It was during his most recent performance, against former B.C. coach Tom O'Brien and N.C. State, that he emerged with 428 passing yards and five touchdowns, as well as a game-winning 13-yard touchdown run for the win. Whether he can repeat the indelible heroics of Ryan against the Hokies from last year will go a long way toward figuring out the Eagles' road map the rest of the way.
37 Florida St. Last Week: 41
38 <a href=Connecticut" title="Connecticut"> Last Week: 39
39 <a href=Northwestern" title="Northwestern"> Last Week: 27
40 <a href=Clemson" title="Clemson">
Clemson (3-3)
Last Week: 29
Whether he fell on the sword or one was thrust into him, Tommy Bowden is out, and the Tigers, who have lost two straight, face three teams (Georgia Tech, Boston College and Florida State) over the next three weeks that currently have a combined 13-3 record. Without Bowden or offensive coordinator Rob Spence, the attempts at reviving this season should be interesting in Death Valley.
41 <a href=West Virginia" title="West Virginia"> Last Week: 44
42 <a href=Navy" title="Navy">
Navy (4-2)
Last Week: 45
43 <a href=Wisconsin" title="Wisconsin">
Wisconsin (3-3)
Last Week: 32
44 <a href=Maryland" title="Maryland">
Maryland (4-2)
Last Week: 46
45 Fresno St.
Fresno St. (4-2)
Last Week: 47
46 <a href=Western Michigan" title="Western Michigan"> Last Week: 50
47 <a href=Auburn" title="Auburn">
Auburn (4-3)
Last Week: 30
48 <a href=Central Michigan" title="Central Michigan"> Last Week: 51
49 <a href=Notre Dame" title="Notre Dame">
Notre Dame (4-2)
Last Week: 48
50 <a href=Air Force" title="Air Force">
Air Force (4-2)
Last Week: 59

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