December 02, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 26-119's Kevin Armstrong ranks the rest of the Division I teams.
26 <a href=Virginia Tech" title="Virginia Tech"> Last Week: 27
The Hokies may not have known it at the time, but their 20-17 victory over Georgia Tech in Blacksburg on Sept. 13 amounted to the ACC Coastal Division championship game. Despite finishing behind the Yellow Jackets (9-3) in overall record, Frank Beamer's boys needed the early-season win for the tiebreaker when both teams finished 5-3 in the muddled conference standings. On Saturday, a rematch of last season's championship contest against Boston College will play out in Tampa. This time, the Hokies know what is at stake: an Orange Bowl berth.
27 <a href=Iowa" title="Iowa">
Iowa (8-4)
Last Week: 29
28 <a href=Rice" title="Rice">
Rice (9-3)
Last Week: 30
29 <a href=West Virginia" title="West Virginia"> Last Week: 23
30 <a href=Florida St." title="Florida St."> Last Week: 20
31 <a href=Tulsa" title="Tulsa">
Tulsa (10-2)
Last Week: 32
32 <a href=California" title="California">
California (7-4)
Last Week: 34
33 <a href=North Carolina" title="North Carolina"> Last Week: 35
34 <a href=Nebraska" title="Nebraska">
Nebraska (8-4)
Last Week: 39
35 <a href=Navy" title="Navy">
Navy (7-4)
Last Week: 45
While former Midshipmen head coach Paul Johnson successfully upset Georgia in his new rivalry, his former troops are looking to march past their military counterparts in the nation's best grudge match this Saturday. President George W. Bush plans to be in attendance for his final game as Commander in Chief. It's not a red-state or blue-state thing, but the Annapolis students may not want to see him go as they have captured five consecutive Commander-in-Chief Trophies during his time in office.
36 <a href=Western Michigan" title="Western Michigan"> Last Week: 31
37 <a href=Wake Forest" title="Wake Forest"> Last Week: 52
38 <a href=Rutgers" title="Rutgers">
Rutgers (6-5)
Last Week: 41
39 <a href=East Carolina" title="East Carolina"> Last Week: 49
40 <a href=South Florida" title="South Florida"> Last Week: 43
41 <a href=Troy" title="Troy">
Troy (7-4)
Last Week: 53
42 <a href=Kansas" title="Kansas">
Kansas (7-5)
Last Week: 54
When your seventh win of the season secures your first back-to-back winning seasons since 1994-95, you might be able to forget that your team fell off from a 12-1 Orange Bowl campaign. Further helping the positive thinking was the epic 40-37 win against rival Mizzou. Behind two fourth quarter rallies and quarterback Todd Reesing's touchdown pass to backup QB/star wideout Kerry Meier with 27 seconds left. In exacting revenge for last year's loss to Mizzou (the Jayhawks' lone blemish last season), Reesing and company dressed up an otherwise middling year.
43 <a href=Air Force" title="Air Force">
Air Force (8-4)
Last Week: 48
44 <a href=Maryland" title="Maryland">
Maryland (7-5)
Last Week: 37
45 <a href=South Carolina" title="South Carolina"> Last Week: 36
46 <a href=Connecticut" title="Connecticut"> Last Week: 46
47 Miami (Fla.) Last Week: 38
48 <a href=LSU" title="LSU">
LSU (7-5)
Last Week: 33
49 <a href=Houston" title="Houston">
Houston (7-5)
Last Week: 42
50 <a href=Clemson" title="Clemson">
Clemson (7-5)
Last Week: 58
Who will be guiding the Tigers next season? The same guy who took over for Tommy Bowden during this season. No longer the interim coach, Dabo Swinney, who already assumed the role of recruiting head, now needs to plug staffing holes while preparing for bowl season. Regarding player personnel, his biggest prospect within reach may be junior tailback C.J. Spiller. If Swinney can keep him on campus and out of the NFL draft, he will have hit the ground running in rebuilding.

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