October 28, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 26-119
SI.com's Kevin Armstrong ranks the rest of the Division I teams.
26 <a href=Michigan St." title="Michigan St."> Last Week: 33
27 <a href=Maryland" title="Maryland">
Maryland (6-2)
Last Week: 30
28 <a href=Oregon St." title="Oregon St.">
Oregon St. (4-3)
Last Week: 29
29 <a href=Louisville" title="Louisville">
Louisville (5-2)
Last Week: 43
As things get more muddled in the middling Big East, the Cardinals are emerging as contenders for the regular season title. Following a 27-2 season-opening loss to Kentucky, the Cardinals have only suffered one more loss (to UConn) and appear to have straightened things out, especially with wide receiver Scott Long developing into a consistent threat. On a Saturday when Rutgers upset Pitt and UConn handled Cincinnati, the Cardinals are looking up at only West Virginia -- who they host Nov. 22.
30 <a href=California" title="California">
California (5-2)
Last Week: 45
31 <a href=Boston College" title="Boston College"> Last Week: 18
32 <a href=Notre Dame" title="Notre Dame">
Notre Dame (5-2)
Last Week: 44
33 <a href=Pittsburgh" title="Pittsburgh">
Pittsburgh (5-2)
Last Week: 16
34 <a href=Air Force" title="Air Force">
Air Force (6-2)
Last Week: 46
35 <a href=Virginia Tech" title="Virginia Tech"> Last Week: 23
36 Fresno St.
Fresno St. (5-2)
Last Week: 41
37 Virginia
Virginia (5-3)
Last Week: 51
With back-to-back wins over North Carolina and Georgia Tech -- both of which were ranked No. 18 in the country at the time -- the Cavaliers continue to look less like the team that lost 31-3 against Duke last month. Since that loss Al Groh's squad is 4-0, outscoring opponents 106-50 and currently sitting atop the Coastal Division with a 3-1 ACC record. Now in the lead, Virginia -- which punted only once and enjoyed a possession time advantage of more than 18 minutes -- cannot simply run out the clock on the season. Up next is Miami.
38 <a href=Connecticut" title="Connecticut"> Last Week: 49
39 <a href=Iowa" title="Iowa">
Iowa (5-3)
Last Week: 48
40 <a href=Vanderbilt" title="Vanderbilt">
Vanderbilt (5-3)
Last Week: 31
As the student-athletes of Nashville surely know, what goes up must come down. But in the 'Dores' case, the crash back to earth is getting extreme. After starting 5-0 with SEC wins over Auburn and South Carolina, the men in black have lost three straight, including defeats to Duke and Mississippi State. Next up is Florida, which should mean another loss in the ledger for Vandy. After that there will be opportunities to balance out the recent losses, but if the losses continue to pile up, the one-time hot team could finish below the .500 mark.
41 South Carolina Last Week: 39
42 Kentucky
Kentucky (5-3)
Last Week: 26
43 <a href=Northwestern" title="Northwestern"> Last Week: 27
44 <a href=Central Michigan" title="Central Michigan"> Last Week: 42
45 Cincinnati
Cincinnati (5-2)
Last Week: 32
46 <a href=Arizona" title="Arizona">
Arizona (5-3)
Last Week: 34
47 <a href=Kansas" title="Kansas">
Kansas (5-3)
Last Week: 37
48 <a href=Wake Forest" title="Wake Forest"> Last Week: 38
The Deacons were held up as the class of the ACC after a 3-0 start, including a 12-3 FG-fest win at Florida State. Soon after, though, Wake fell short against Navy, was shut out by Maryland and lost to Miami last Saturday. Entering the Miami game, Wake Forest had the 111th-ranked rushing offense in the nation, averaging 95 yards and 2.6 yards per carry. On Saturday, they proved that stats can lie as they started the game with 24 straight runs and gained 195 yards on the day. Whether the Deacons can run off a few more wins down the stretch is another story.
49 <a href=Illinois" title="Illinois">
Illinois (4-4)
Last Week: 35
50 Navy
Navy (5-3)
Last Week: 52

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