November 04, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 26-119's Kevin Armstrong ranks the rest of the Division I teams.
26 <a href=Oregon St." title="Oregon St.">
Oregon St. (5-3)
Last Week: 28
27 <a href=Pittsburgh" title="Pittsburgh">
Pittsburgh (6-2)
Last Week: 33
28 <a href=Virginia Tech" title="Virginia Tech"> Last Week: 35
29 <a href=Tulsa" title="Tulsa">
Tulsa (8-1)
Last Week: 16
They're still unbeaten in Conference USA, but the Golden Hurricane path to a possible BCS berth was blown off course by Bobby Petrino's Razorbacks in a 30-23 loss. Offensive-minded Tulsa had led the nation in scoring (55.6 ppg), but were held below 37 points for the first time all season. "Obviously our BCS dreams are wounded, but we still want to finish up conference undefeated and win the Liberty Bowl," defensive lineman Wilson Garrison told reporters afterward. "This is just a bump in the road." If that road now leads to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, it was more like a pothole in Fayetteville.
30 <a href=Air Force" title="Air Force">
Air Force (7-2)
Last Week: 34
31 <a href=Minnesota" title="Minnesota">
Minnesota (7-2)
Last Week: 18
32 <a href=Cincinnati" title="Cincinnati">
Cincinnati (6-2)
Last Week: 45
33 <a href=Kansas" title="Kansas">
Kansas (6-3)
Last Week: 47
34 <a href=South Carolina" title="South Carolina"> Last Week: 41
35 <a href=Central Michigan" title="Central Michigan"> Last Week: 44
36 <a href=South Florida" title="South Florida"> Last Week: 23
37 <a href=Vanderbilt" title="Vanderbilt">
Vanderbilt (5-3)
Last Week: 40
38 <a href=Western Michigan" title="Western Michigan"> Last Week: 51
39 <a href=Navy" title="Navy">
Navy (6-3)
Last Week: 50
Already bowl eligible with last week's overtime win over Temple, the Midshipmen are playing with house money the last three games of the season. First-year coach Ken Niumatalolo watched his team rally from a 20-point deficit in the last 14 minutes to win 33-27. Now Navy will enjoy a bye week. With two wins over BCS conference teams (Wake Forest, Rutgers), the Middies have impressed in Niumatalolo's opening campaign. "I'm kind of stunned right now," the coach told reporters after the game. "The way [we] won that game is just unbelievable." If they can cash in with a second-consecutive win over Notre Dame Nov. 15, even more folks will be surprised.
40 <a href=Kentucky" title="Kentucky">
Kentucky (6-3)
Last Week: 42
41 Miami (Fla.) Last Week: 53
42 Oregon
Oregon (6-3)
Last Week: 24
43 <a href=Boston College" title="Boston College"> Last Week: 31
44 Wake Forest Last Week: 48
45 <a href=Illinois" title="Illinois">
Illinois (5-4)
Last Week: 49
46 <a href=Louisville" title="Louisville">
Louisville (5-3)
Last Week: 29
47 Virginia
Virginia (5-4)
Last Week: 37
48 Notre Dame
Notre Dame (5-3)
Last Week: 32
There were three cheers (and four overtimes), yet no win for ole Notre Dame against Pitt. After the 36-33 loss, Irish coach Charlie Weis was left to dwell on his team's mental state. Weis will have to rally his team for the season's back stretch. Saturday night's Holy War against Boston College won't be easy, as the Eagles have beaten their Catholic counterparts five consecutive times and can tie the all-time series with a home win. After that, ND plays Navy, which beat the Irish last season and already has six wins this year. If the Irish can keep their heads about them, they will have a chance to finish strong. If they can't, then not even luck will save them.
49 Fresno St.
Fresno St. (5-3)
Last Week: 36
50 <a href=Clemson" title="Clemson">
Clemson (4-4)
Last Week: 56

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