October 21, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 51-75
51 <a href=Virginia" title="Virginia">
Virginia (4-3)
Last Week: 64
52 <a href=Navy" title="Navy">
Navy (4-3)
Last Week: 42
53 <a href=Western Michigan" title="Western Michigan"> Last Week: 46
54 Miami (Fla.) Last Week: 55
55 <a href=East Carolina" title="East Carolina"> Last Week: 53
56 <a href=Wisconsin" title="Wisconsin">
Wisconsin (3-4)
Last Week: 43
After the Badgers fell to Michigan, one could surmise they may not be for real, but who thought the men in red could be this fraudulent? After starting 3-0, they have lost their last four games, the worst showing coming last week against Iowa as they were blown out, 38-16. Economics and history majors in Madison should be able to spot a trend. Since 1996, their football team has started 3-0 or better nine times. In six of those years, the team has gone on to lose three or more in a row. There's nothing fake about those numbers.
57 <a href=Ole Miss" title="Ole Miss">
Ole Miss (3-4)
Last Week: 58
58 <a href=Colorado" title="Colorado">
Colorado (4-3)
Last Week: 60
59 <a href=Houston" title="Houston">
Houston (4-3)
Last Week: 61
60 Tennesse
Tennesse (3-4)
Last Week: 66
61 <a href=Arkansas" title="Arkansas">
Arkansas (3-4)
Last Week: 54
62 Mississippi St. Last Week: 56
63 <a href=Nebraska" title="Nebraska">
Nebraska (4-3)
Last Week: 62
64 <a href=UCLA" title="UCLA">
UCLA (3-4)
Last Week: 78
65 <a href=Stanford" title="Stanford">
Stanford (4-4)
Last Week: 59
66 <a href=Kansas St." title="Kansas St.">
Kansas St. (4-3)
Last Week: 57
67 <a href=Arizona St." title="Arizona St."> Last Week: 67
68 <a href=Troy" title="Troy">
Troy (4-2)
Last Week: 73
Thus far the class of the Sun Belt Conference, the Trojans celebrated a number of firsts Saturday. In seeking a replacement for injured starting quarterback Jamie Hampton, the coaching staff may have created a three-headed monster: Levi Brown threw for 253 yards and two TDs in his first start, Dan Parker shed his redshirt and ran for a score and wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan took a direct snap five yards up the middle on the first drive. Jernigan also completed a two-yard touchdown pass to Justin Bray for his first touchdown pass of his career.
69 <a href=Duke" title="Duke">
Duke (3-3)
Last Week: 65
70 <a href=Nevada" title="Nevada">
Nevada (4-3)
Last Week: 74
71 San Jose St. Last Week: 76
Quick: Other than Boise State, which WAC team is unbeaten in conference play? If you said the Spartans, you were right. No shame for a WAC team to lose to Nebraska and Stanford early on, but if the Spartans are serious about contending for conference supremacy, they'll have their opportunity to make a statement against the Broncs, away from the blue turf, on Saturday.
72 <a href=Rutgers" title="Rutgers">
Rutgers (2-5)
Last Week: 86
73 <a href=Rice" title="Rice">
Rice (4-3)
Last Week: 81
74 <a href=Bowling Green" title="Bowling Green"> Last Week: 68
75 <a href=Hawaii" title="Hawaii">
Hawaii (3-4)
Last Week: 72

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