November 18, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 51-75
51 Fresno St.
Fresno St. (6-4)
Last Week: 63
52 <a href=Kentucky" title="Kentucky">
Kentucky (6-5)
Last Week: 44
53 <a href=Notre Dame" title="Notre Dame">
Notre Dame (6-4)
Last Week: 59
54 <a href=East Carolina" title="East Carolina"> Last Week: 48
55 <a href=Minnesota" title="Minnesota">
Minnesota (7-4)
Last Week: 43
56 <a href=Kansas" title="Kansas">
Kansas (6-5)
Last Week: 45
57 <a href=Nevada" title="Nevada">
Nevada (6-4)
Last Week: 60
58 <a href=Arizona" title="Arizona">
Arizona (6-4)
Last Week: 47
59 <a href=Louisville" title="Louisville">
Louisville (5-5)
Last Week: 53
60 <a href=Troy" title="Troy">
Troy (6-4)
Last Week: 56
While no member of the Sun Belt Conference has ever beaten LSU, the Trojans whipped the defending champs in the first half Saturday. Then reality set in. Holding a 31-3 third quarter lead, the Trojans watched the defending champs charge back with a 30-point fourth quarter, which allowed the Tigers to win 40-31. The game was originally supposed to be played Sept. 6, but it was postponed due to Hurricane Gustav. Any plans for a Sun Belt upset of LSU have been pushed to a later date as well.
61 <a href=Buffalo" title="Buffalo">
Buffalo (6-4)
Last Week: 69
62 <a href=Louisiana Tech" title="Louisiana Tech"> Last Week: 67
63 <a href=Clemson" title="Clemson">
Clemson (5-5)
Last Week: 61
64 <a href=Illinois" title="Illinois">
Illinois (5-6)
Last Week: 55
65 <a href=Auburn" title="Auburn">
Auburn (5-6)
Last Week: 66
Positive: The embattled Auburn program continues to fight. Negative: The Tigers also continue to lose. Though five Auburn games have been decided by five points or less (four of them losses), the SEC's biggest disappointment lost its sixth game for the first time since coach Tommy Tuberville's inaugural season in 1999.
66 <a href=Arkansas" title="Arkansas">
Arkansas (4-6)
Last Week: 64
67 <a href=Stanford" title="Stanford">
Stanford (5-6)
Last Week: 62
68 <a href=Bowling Green" title="Bowling Green"> Last Week: 71
69 <a href=UCLA" title="UCLA">
UCLA (4-6)
Last Week: 76
70 <a href=North Carolina St." title="North Carolina St."> Last Week: 81
If only all of the Wolfpack's games were played within state borders. Having beaten Duke, East Carolina and most recently Wake Forest, Tom O'Brien's team has proven it can take the locals. It's the out-of-state challengers that catch them. Could this week's trip to Chapel Hill could be the first in-state blemish?
71 <a href=Hawaii" title="Hawaii">
Hawaii (5-5)
Last Week: 74
72 Mississippi St. Last Week: 65
73 Arizona St. Last Week: 80
74 <a href=UNLV" title="UNLV">
UNLV (5-6)
Last Week: 82
75 <a href=Colorado" title="Colorado">
Colorado (5-6)
Last Week: 68

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