December 02, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 76-100
76 <a href=UCLA" title="UCLA">
UCLA (4-7)
Last Week: 68
So, about breaking up that monopoly in Los Angeles. Prior to the season, this advertisement appeared in the Los Angeles Times and announced the arrival of Rick "The Gambler" Neuheisel into what he proclaimed to be a two-horse race in the L.A. market with USC. After an opening win against Tennessee on national television, it appeared UCLA was on its way to a revival, but now the 4-7 Bruins must take on the 10-1 Trojans, who appear poised to collect more real estate along the boardwalk.
77 <a href=Colorado St." title="Colorado St."> Last Week: 77
78 <a href=Northern Illinois" title="Northern Illinois"> Last Week: 74
79 <a href=Kansas St." title="Kansas St.">
Kansas St. (5-7)
Last Week: 82
80 <a href=Memphis" title="Memphis">
Memphis (6-6)
Last Week: 84
81 San Jose St. Last Week: 85
82 Colorado
Colorado (5-7)
Last Week: 78
83 <a href=Middle Tennessee" title="Middle Tennessee"> Last Week: 87
84 <a href=Florida Atlantic" title="Florida Atlantic"> Last Week: 91
85 <a href=Texas A&M" title="Texas A&M">
Texas A&M (4-8)
Last Week: 79
86 <a href=UCF" title="UCF">
UCF (4-8)
Last Week: 81
87 <a href=UNLV" title="UNLV">
UNLV (5-7)
Last Week: 80
88 <a href=Michigan" title="Michigan">
Michigan (3-9)
Last Week: 90
89 <a href=Temple" title="Temple">
Temple (5-7)
Last Week: 100
90 <a href=Duke" title="Duke">
Duke (4-8)
Last Week: 86
91 Kent St.
Kent St. (4-8)
Last Week: 104
92 <a href=Akron" title="Akron">
Akron (5-7)
Last Week: 88
93 <a href=Ohio" title="Ohio">
Ohio (4-8)
Last Week: 94
94 <a href=Purdue" title="Purdue">
Purdue (4-8)
Last Week: 92
95 <a href=New Mexico" title="New Mexico">
New Mexico (4-8)
Last Week: 95
96 <a href=UTEP" title="UTEP">
UTEP (5-7)
Last Week: 89
97 Florida International Last Week: 96
98 <a href=Arkansas St." title="Arkansas St."> Last Week: 98
Looking fit for a Sun Belt title, the Red Wolves (2-4 on the road) travel to Troy (4-0 at home) Saturday night for their shot at the championship. Winners of their last two games, the Wolves -- who are bowl eligible for the third time in four years -- have already beaten Louisiana-Lafayette head-to-head and would hold the key to all tiebreakers with a win over the Trojans.
99 <a href=Wyoming" title="Wyoming">
Wyoming (4-8)
Last Week: 97
100 <a href=Syracuse" title="Syracuse">
Syracuse (3-9)
Last Week: 93

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