November 18, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 76-100
76 <a href=Memphis" title="Memphis">
Memphis (5-5)
Last Week: 77
77 <a href=Northern Illinois" title="Northern Illinois"> Last Week: 73
78 San Jose St. Last Week: 70
79 <a href=Duke" title="Duke">
Duke (4-6)
Last Week: 75
80 <a href=Baylor" title="Baylor">
Baylor (4-7)
Last Week: 84
81 <a href=Akron" title="Akron">
Akron (5-5)
Last Week: 78
R.I.P. Rubber Bowl. The Zips remained in the stadium -- named for the city's close ties to the tire industry -- for as long as they could, but Buffalo kicker A.J. Principe nailed a 40-yard field goal in overtime to hand Akron a 43-40 loss in its 324th (and final) game in the structure. The Summa Field at InfoCision Stadium is expected to be ready for the 2009 kickoff. With the loss, the Zips have very a slim chance of housing the 2008 season trophy in the new venue. Akron must win its last two games and get some help to reach the conference title game.
82 <a href=Texas A&M" title="Texas A&M">
Texas A&M (4-7)
Last Week: 72
83 <a href=UTEP" title="UTEP">
UTEP (5-5)
Last Week: 87
84 <a href=Michigan" title="Michigan">
Michigan (3-8)
Last Week: 79
85 <a href=Colorado St." title="Colorado St."> Last Week: 88
86 <a href=Florida Atlantic" title="Florida Atlantic"> Last Week: 92
87 <a href=Southern Miss" title="Southern Miss"> Last Week: 93
88 <a href=Wyoming" title="Wyoming">
Wyoming (4-7)
Last Week: 83
89 Tennesse
Tennesse (3-7)
Last Week: 89
90 <a href=Kansas St." title="Kansas St.">
Kansas St. (4-7)
Last Week: 85
91 <a href=UCF" title="UCF">
UCF (3-7)
Last Week: 107
92 <a href=Middle Tennessee" title="Middle Tennessee"> Last Week: 96
93 Florida International Last Week: 94
94 <a href=New Mexico" title="New Mexico">
New Mexico (4-8)
Last Week: 86
Rocky Long, the winningest coach in his alma mater's history, fell on his sword after dropping the season finale to Colorado State. After lighting up San Diego State 70-7 in October, the Lobos lost their last four contests and managed just 46 points over that span. In signing off, Long minced no words: "In 2005, we did a terrible job of coaching and this year we did a terrible job of coaching," he told reporters. "Other than that, I think our staff, our players have been overachievers every other year."
95 <a href=Purdue" title="Purdue">
Purdue (3-8)
Last Week: 90
96 <a href=Indiana" title="Indiana">
Indiana (3-8)
Last Week: 91
97 <a href=Louisiana Lafayette" title="Louisiana Lafayette"> Last Week: 95
98 Kent St.
Kent St. (3-7)
Last Week: 104
99 <a href=Army" title="Army">
Army (3-7)
Last Week: 100
100 <a href=Ohio" title="Ohio">
Ohio (2-8)
Last Week: 116

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