October 28, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 76-100
76 <a href=Indiana" title="Indiana">
Indiana (3-5)
Last Week: 99
After losing five straight games (and holding just one opponent below 42 points), the Hoosiers came out and slapped Northwestern with a 21-19 defeat. The high-minded Wildcats -- who along with Vanderbilt had been at the vanguard of an academic revival -- turned the ball over five times, while Indiana never relinquished command of its possessions. With four games remaining, Indiana can either keep on saving face or fall back after a one-week wonder.
77 <a href=Northern Illinois" title="Northern Illinois"> Last Week: 88
78 <a href=Akron" title="Akron">
Akron (4-4)
Last Week: 87
Give one thing to the Zips: They are nothing if not consistent. In alternating fashion, they have maintained a .500 record while losing one week, winning the next and repeating the formula for eight weeks now. Likewise, they are prone to promote equality on the field as they have allowed 226 points while scoring 225 of their own. Last week, the win-loss pattern could not continue because they enjoyed a bye week, but, if history is to repeat itself, then a loss is due to balance out the most recent victory over Eastern Michigan.
79 <a href=Buffalo" title="Buffalo">
Buffalo (3-4)
Last Week: 86
80 <a href=Bowling Green" title="Bowling Green"> Last Week: 74
81 <a href=UNLV" title="UNLV">
UNLV (3-5)
Last Week: 83
82 <a href=New Mexico" title="New Mexico">
New Mexico (4-5)
Last Week: 78
83 <a href=Memphis" title="Memphis">
Memphis (4-5)
Last Week: 98
84 <a href=Baylor" title="Baylor">
Baylor (3-5)
Last Week: 76
85 <a href=Purdue" title="Purdue">
Purdue (2-6)
Last Week: 82
With Joe Tiller set to retire, the Boilermakers appear prepared for the sun to set on this season as well. Over a month since their last win, the black and gold players have faced three Top-25 teams in their last five games, losing to each of them in addition to Northwestern and Notre Dame. Tiller, known for his passing-game prowess, saw his team throw for 109 yards against Minnesota, the lowest total in his 12-year stay in West Lafayette. Additionally, the offense has not scored a touchdown in 14 of its last 17 quarters. Hope is on the way next season -- Danny Hope will move up from associate head coach duties to head job.
86 <a href=UTEP" title="UTEP">
UTEP (3-4)
Last Week: 77
87 <a href=Michigan" title="Michigan">
Michigan (2-6)
Last Week: 80
88 <a href=Colorado St." title="Colorado St."> Last Week: 89
89 <a href=North Carolina St." title="North Carolina St."> Last Week: 81
90 <a href=Iowa St." title="Iowa St.">
Iowa St. (2-6)
Last Week: 79
91 <a href=Arkansas St." title="Arkansas St."> Last Week: 85
92 <a href=Toledo" title="Toledo">
Toledo (2-6)
Last Week: 93
93 <a href=Army" title="Army">
Army (3-5)
Last Week: 102
With 1958 Heisman Trophy Winner Pete Dawkins being honored by his alma mater at halftime last Saturday, memories of the Halcyon Era spread throughout West Point last Saturday, as Army pulled off its third win in the last four weeks. Despite starting off 0-4, the Cadets have charged back in recent weeks, collecting five sacks in an overtime loss to Buffalo two weeks ago and adding another five in last week's 14-7 home win against Louisiana Tech. Their two biggest tests lie ahead, though, with Air Force and Navy on the slate.
94 <a href=UAB" title="UAB">
UAB (2-6)
Last Week: 95
95 Louisiana Lafayette Last Week: 94
96 <a href=Marshall" title="Marshall">
Marshall (3-4)
Last Week: 96
97 <a href=UCF" title="UCF">
UCF (2-5)
Last Week: 91
98 <a href=Southern Miss" title="Southern Miss"> Last Week: 90
99 <a href=Florida International" title="Florida International"> Last Week: 97
100 Louisiana Tech Last Week: 92

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