September 09, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 101-119
101 Kent St.
Last Week: 98
Kent St. (0-2)
102 <a href=UTEP" title="UTEP">
Last Week: 99
UTEP (0-2)
103 <a href=New Mexico St." title="New Mexico St.">
Last Week: 100
104 <a href=Northern Illinois" title="Northern Illinois">
Last Week: 101
105 <a href=San Diego St." title="San Diego St.">
Last Week: 108
Pay no mind to the final score of last Saturday's 21-13 Notre Dame victory over San Diego State. Though his Aztecs remain 0-for the season, coach Chuck Long enjoyed a long list of congratulatory calls afterward from old coaches and friends alike, all of which complimented his team's play in South Bend. Among the noted callers was Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, for whom Long once worked. After checking the rest of his messages, Long expected to find a voicemail from Hayden Fry, the 79-year-old who coached him at Iowa. "I don't think Hayden knows how to text," Long told the North County Times.
106 <a href=UNLV" title="UNLV">
Last Week: 102
UNLV (1-1)
107 San Jose St.
Last Week: 104
108 <a href=Louisiana Monroe" title="Louisiana Monroe">
Last Week: 112
109 <a href=Temple" title="Temple">
Last Week: 105
Temple (1-1)
110 <a href=Eastern Michigan" title="Eastern Michigan">
Last Week: 106
111 <a href=Toledo" title="Toledo">
Last Week: 109
Toledo (0-1)
112 <a href=Idaho" title="Idaho">
Last Week: 117
Idaho (1-1)
113 <a href=North Texas" title="Army">
Last Week: 110
114 <a href=UAB" title="UAB">
Last Week: 111
UAB (0-2)
115 Army
Last Week: 113
Army (0-2)
116 <a href=Tulane " title="Tulane ">
Last Week: 114
Tulane (0-1)
117 Louisiana <a href=Lafayette" title="Louisiana Lafayette">
Last Week: 116
118 <a href=Florida International" title="Florida International">
Last Week: 118
119 <a href=Utah St." title="Utah St.">
Last Week: 119
Utah St. (0-2)

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