November 04, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 26-119
101 <a href=Southern Miss" title="Southern Miss"> Last Week: 98
102 <a href=Florida International" title="Florida International"> Last Week: 99
103 <a href=Wyoming" title="Wyoming">
Wyoming (3-6)
Last Week: 108
104 <a href=Louisiana Monroe" title="Louisiana Monroe"> Last Week: 118
105 <a href=North Texas" title="North Texas"> Last Week: 119
After news broke that 18 players had failed recreational drug tests, the Green Dragons finally passed an on-field examination, exploding for 51 points in the victory over Western Kentucky. The win was just the third in Dodge's 21-game tenure and was by far the highest scoring output in that time. Even with that performance, they have been outscored 440-186 this season.
106 <a href=Tulane " title="Tulane ">
Tulane (2-6)
Last Week: 112
107 <a href=Temple" title="Temple">
Temple (3-6)
Last Week: 102
108 Miami (OH)
Miami (OH) (2-6)
Last Week: 111
109 <a href=New Mexico St." title="New Mexico St."> Last Week: 104
110 Kent St.
Kent St. (2-7)
Last Week: 105
111 <a href=Middle Tennessee" title="Middle Tennessee"> Last Week: 103
112 <a href=Utah St." title="Utah St.">
Utah St. (2-7)
Last Week: 116
113 <a href=Washington St." title="Washington St."> Last Week: 106
114 <a href=Idaho" title="Idaho">
Idaho (2-8)
Last Week: 109
115 <a href=Eastern Michigan" title="Eastern Michigan"> Last Week: 110
116 <a href=Ohio" title="Ohio">
Ohio (2-7)
Last Week: 107
117 Washington
Washington (0-8)
Last Week: 115
118 <a href=San Diego St." title="San Diego St."> Last Week: 113
119 <a href=SMU" title="SMU">
SMU (1-8)
Last Week: 117
Think June Jones misses paradise? Less than a year removed from the Hawaii Rainbows' magical run to the Sugar Bowl, Jones is now steering the SMU Mustangs through a seven-game losing streak. Renowned for his efforts with Colt Brennan and the run-and-shoot offense, Jones watched Navy dominate his team in a 34-7 rout two weeks ago during a downpour in Annapolis. Life on the mainland has proved difficult for Jones, whose team has mustered 208 points through nine games.

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