November 25, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 101-119
101 <a href=Indiana" title="Indiana">
Indiana (3-9)
Last Week: 96
102 <a href=Louisiana Lafayette" title="Louisiana Lafayette"> Last Week: 97
103 Louisiana Monroe Last Week: 114
104 Kent St.
Kent St. (3-8)
Last Week: 98
105 <a href=Washington St." title="Washington St."> Last Week: 116
106 <a href=Army" title="Army">
Army (3-8)
Last Week: 99
107 <a href=Marshall" title="Marshall">
Marshall (4-7)
Last Week: 101
108 <a href=UAB" title="UAB">
UAB (3-8)
Last Week: 103
109 <a href=San Diego St." title="San Diego St."> Last Week: 118
While their coach was fired earlier in the day, the Aztecs proved loyal to Chuck Long on the field. After losing seven straight, San Diego State exploded for 21 fourth-quarter points to win 42- 21 last Saturday. In three years, Long went 9-27. His worst defeat came at New Mexico on Oct. 18 in the form of a 70-17 whopping.
110 Miami (OH)
Miami (OH) (2-9)
Last Week: 102
111 <a href=Idaho" title="Idaho">
Idaho (2-10)
Last Week: 115
112 New Mexico St. Last Week: 109
113 <a href=Iowa St." title="Iowa St.">
Iowa St. (2-10)
Last Week: 105
114 <a href=Tulane " title="Tulane ">
Tulane (2-9)
Last Week: 113
115 <a href=Eastern Michigan" title="Eastern Michigan"> Last Week: 110
116 <a href=Utah St." title="Utah St.">
Utah St. (2-9)
Last Week: 111
117 <a href=North Texas" title="North Texas">
North Texas (1-10)
Last Week: 112
118 Washington
Washington (0-11)
Last Week: 117
Whether or not Tyrone Willingham is finding solace in the apparent demise of Charlie Weis at Notre Dame, the former Irish coach is staring down the ignominy of a winless final season as Huskies coach. Willingham's team fell short in overtime, 16-13, to in-state rival Washington State (now 2-10). If there is a silver lining in the lost season, even the most ardent Willingham supporters would be hard-pressed to find it, other than to point to his successor's shortcomings under the Golden Dome.
119 <a href=SMU" title="SMU">
SMU (1-10)
Last Week: 119

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