October 21, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 101-119
101 <a href=Middle Tennessee" title="Middle Tennessee"> Last Week: 98
102 <a href=Army" title="Army">
Army (2-5)
Last Week: 100
103 <a href=Ohio" title="Ohio">
Ohio (2-5)
Last Week: 101
104 <a href=Florida Atlantic" title="Florida Atlantic"> Last Week: 103
105 <a href=Wyoming" title="Wyoming">
Wyoming (2-5)
Last Week: 104
106 <a href=Temple" title="Temple">
Temple (2-5)
Last Week: 107
107 <a href=Washington St." title="Washington St."> Last Week: 106
108 Washington
Washington (0-6)
Last Week: 105
Will Tyrone Willingham's team actually take a game this season? Unable to hold an opponent under 28 points all year, the Huskies are one of only two teams (North Texas being the other) without a notch in the win column. Notre Dame will look to throw its own shovelful of dirt on the former Irish coach's tenure this week. With Charlie Weis digging his way out of an early hole, his offense has improved in recent weeks and may be ready to hit its stride in the great Northwest. After the Irish come the Trojans, and Willingham will more than likely be staring down a winless October to match the 0-fer from September. At this point, the best chance of a win may not come until the Huskies play Washington State on Nov. 22.
109 <a href=Eastern Michigan" title="Eastern Michigan"> Last Week: 108
110 Miami (OH)
Miami (OH) (2-5)
Last Week: 115
111 <a href=Tulane " title="Tulane ">
Tulane (2-4)
Last Week: 109
112 Kent St.
Kent St. (1-6)
Last Week: 113
113 <a href=San Diego St." title="San Diego St."> Last Week: 112
114 <a href=Syracuse" title="Syracuse">
Syracuse (1-6)
Last Week: 110
While the Orange faithful wish Greg Robinson would hop on The Express (train) out of Central New York, the man who has gone 2-22 in Big East play during his stay at Syracuse seems satisfied to ride out the end of this season's road to nowhere. Four years ago, athletics director Daryl Gross hired Robinson from the Texas staff, and the rest, as they say, is horrid. This year, the sole win to date came against Northeastern, and the season totals tell it all, as they have been outscored 244-124. The football program can only hope to get back on track after Robinson leaves.
115 <a href=Utah St." title="Utah St.">
Utah St. (1-6)
Last Week: 114
116 <a href=SMU" title="SMU">
SMU (1-7)
Last Week: 111
117 <a href=Louisiana Monroe" title="Louisiana Monroe"> Last Week: 117
118 <a href=Idaho" title="Idaho">
Idaho (1-7)
Last Week: 118
119 North Texas Last Week: 119

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