September 02, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 26-119's Kevin Armstrong ranks the rest of the Division I teams.
26 <a href=Utah">
Last Week: 26
Utah (1-0)
27 Fresno St.
Last Week: 27
Fresno St. (1-0)
Continuing to thrive under coach Pat Hill's "Anybody, anywhere, anytime" mantra, the Bulldogs get a week of rest after defeating Rutgers 24-7 in Piscataway before they play host to Wisconsin. Think Hill enjoys knocking off BCS conference teams? Afterward, speaking in the Rutgers field hockey locker room, he said, "I feel really good about traveling 3,000 miles and putting a hat on someone from the east." While Fresno's reputation as a BCS team slayer grows, Hill noted that he believes the gap between the big and small programs continues to shrink.
28 <a href=Cincinnati">
Last Week: 28
Cincinnati (1-0)
29 <a href=Virginia Tech">
Last Week: 24
30 <a href=Iowa">
Last Week: 31
Iowa (1-0)
31 <a href=Maryland">
Last Week: 32
Maryland (1-0)
32 <a href=Colorado">
Last Week: 36
Colorado (1-0)
33 <a href=North Carolina">
Last Week: 34
34 <a href=Tulsa">
Last Week: 35
Tulsa (1-0)
35 <a href=South Carolina">
Last Week: 40
36 Boise St.
Last Week: 37
Boise St. (1-0)
37 <a href=Nebraska">
Last Week: 45
Nebraska (1-0)
38 <a href=California">
Last Week: 39
California (1-0)
39 <a href=Bowling Green">
Last Week: 65
Saturday's big upset win came down to the numbers. Falcons quarterback Tyler Sheehan, who wears No. 13, came up lucky when his number was called against Pitt. Trailing 14-0 at one point, the Falcons soared back for a 27-17 win, which included an 11-yard quarterback draw run by Sheehan early in the fourth quarter. "Unless you study the game, you don't understand the implications of a win like that," Falcons coach Gregg Brandon said. "We're not supposed to beat these people." For those studying the defensive tape, Bowling Green's limiting of Heisman candidate LeSean McCoy to 71 yards on 26 carries was also evident. "We made so many mistakes today and the defense had my number," McCoy said.
40 <a href=Oregon St.">
Last Week: 22
Oregon St. (0-1)
41 <a href=Pittsburgh">
Last Week: 23
Pittsburgh (0-1)
42 Rutgers
Last Week: 33
Rutgers (0-1)
43 <a href=Florida St.">
Last Week: 41
44 <a href=Connecticut">
Last Week: 42
45 <a href=Oklahoma St.">
Last Week: 43
46 <a href=Boston College">
Last Week: 48
47 Miami (Fla.)
Last Week: 46
48 <a href=Michigan St.">
Last Week: 38
49 <a href=TCU">
Last Week: 47
TCU (1-0)
50 <a href=Southern Miss">
Last Week: 49

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