September 02, 2008
College Football Power Rankings: 76-100
76 <a href=Minnesota">
Last Week: 78
Minnesota (1-0)
77 <a href=Iowa St.">
Last Week: 76
Iowa St. (1-0)
78 <a href=Wyoming">
Last Week: 77
Wyoming (1-0)
79 <a href=Louisiana Tech">
Last Week: 104
The Bulldogs were rude hosts on the field last weekend. In beating Mississippi State, the only current SEC team to set foot in Joe Aillet Stadium, Tech gained its first win over an SEC team since defeating Alabama in 1999. Down 14-3 with under two minutes to play, Tech rallied for a 22-14 win. Afterward, though, while bracing for Hurricane Gustav, the victors rallied around several players' families as they sought refuge from the storm in Ruston. Coach Derek Dooley said he and his staff were doing all they could within NCAA rules.
80 <a href=Florida Atlantic">
Last Week: 56
81 <a href=Washington">
Last Week: 70
Washington (0-1)
82 <a href=Air Force">
Last Week: 92
Air Force (1-0)
83 <a href=Indiana">
Last Week: 82
Indiana (1-0)
84 <a href=Hawaii">
Last Week: 81
Hawaii (0-1)
85 Washington St.
Last Week: 84
86 <a href=Arkansas St.">
Last Week: 101
In front of the second largest opening day crowd in Kyle Field history (78,691), Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman watched his team lose the first game of his new regime, while Arkansas State won its debut of the Red Wolf mascot. "I'm very excited about starting the Red Wolf era with a victory like this tonight," Arkansas State coach Steve Roberts said. Formerly known as the Indians, the Sun Belt Conference school retired its tribal nickname after last season's final basketball game. Arkansas State University's Mascot Selection Steering Committee selected the new Wolf name and will slowly incorporate the imagery into the school's settings.
87 Miami (OH)
Last Week: 86
Miami (OH) (0-1)
88 <a href=Colorado St.">
Last Week: 87
89 <a href=Baylor">
Last Week: 83
Baylor (0-1)
90 <a href=Buffalo">
Last Week: 97
Buffalo (1-0)
91 <a href=Memphis">
Last Week: 85
Memphis (0-1)
92 <a href=Rice">
Last Week: 100
Rice (1-0)
93 <a href=Marshall">
Last Week: 96
Marshall (1-0)
94 <a href=Western Michigan">
Last Week: 89
95 <a href=New Mexico">
Last Week: 91
New Mexico (0-1)
96 <a href=SMU">
Last Week: 88
SMU (0-1)
97 <a href=Syracuse">
Last Week: 93
Syracuse (0-1)
98 Kent St.
Last Week: 94
Kent St. (0-1)
99 <a href=UTEP">
Last Week: 95
UTEP (0-1)
100 New Mexico St.
Last Week: 98

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