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By SI Wire
July 10, 2014

While speaking to, Minnesota coach Jerry Kill said that Alabama coach Nick Saban "earns every damn dime" of his new $6.9 million annual salary.

Kill made the comments while discussing how much greater the pressure and responsibility is for head coaches as opposed to coordinators, saying it goes hand in hand with a higher salary.

"There's a helluva lot of difference between making suggestions and decisions," Kill explained. "When it becomes public, you know who they are talking about...they are talking about the ol' ball coach. We are responsible because we are making the big bucks."

Kill also said he had "a ton of respect" for Saban and that "he can coach football, there ain't no doubt about that."

Saban's new salary came as part of a new eight-year contract he signed in June, and represents a raise from the $5.6 million salary he received when he agreed to an eight-year deal in March 2012.

The escalation of coaches' salaries was one of the issues raised at the recently concluded O'Bannon trial, with the plaintiffs arguing such salaries were exorbitant and came at the expense of deserved benefits for players.

Since becoming the coach of the Crimson Tide in 2007, Saban has led Alabama to three national championships. Saban received his raise after a season that saw Alabama go 11-2, falling in the Sugar Bowl to Oklahoma.

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— Ben Estes

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