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By SI Wire
July 18, 2014

A group of students at Western Michigan University has developed a helmet that detects when a football player has suffered a concussion. 

The technology uses a sensor to transmit information from a collision to the sideline. From's report:

[Ali] Eshkeiti and other student engineers designed a pressure sensor for helmets using printed electronics. Data from the sensor can be relayed over Bluetooth to a smartphone, so that a coach or other team leader would instantly know the severity of an impact.The data also could be stored on a cloud-based server, so doctors and trainers could see a player's complete history.

The product seeks to mitigate the possibility of misjudgement by coaches and doctors, particularly because the onus is often on players to self-report concussions.  

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This year, a number of college football teams will be using Riddell SpeedFlex helmets, which are designed to lessen the impact of concussions. 

- Josh Sanchez

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