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By SI Wire
July 22, 2014

Alabama coach Nick Saban said Tuesday during an appearance on ESPN Radio's The Herd that while he supports full cost of attendance scholarships, he still believes the amateur model should be maintained.

Momentum has recently increased for greater financial benefits in college athletics, particularly football and basketball. 

NCAA president Mark Emmert recently voiced support for full cost of attendance scholarships, as well as 'scholarships for life.' The Power Five conferences are also moving closer to achieving governing autonomy, and have said they'd support similar reform if they're successful.

In the courts, an impending verdict in the recently concluded O'Bannon trial could give current and former Division I football and men’s basketball players the right to receive pay for the use of their names, images and likenesses.

Saban, who has coached at Alabama since 2007, signed a new contract earlier this summer that pays him $6.5 million per year.

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- Ben Estes


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