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Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder said that college athletics have “sold out” because they are concerned with making money

By SI Wire
August 07, 2014

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder blasted college athletics, saying that universities have “sold out” because they are more concerned about making money than with the welfare of students.

Snyder also said that television has assumed too much control of college sports.

The NCAA is set to vote on an autonomy measure Thursday that would give the five richest conferences in college sports (Big 12, Big Ten, Atlantic Coast, Pac-12, and Southeastern) the right to pass their own legislation on certain issues without interference from smaller schools

“We're all about dollars and cents. The concept of college football no longer has any bearing on the quality of the person, the quality of students," Snyder said, via the Associated Press. “Universities are selling themselves out."

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Snyder, who has a 178-90-1 record in 22 seasons at Kansas State, also took issue with universities building bigger and better stadiums. 

In the Big 12 alone, Baylor is set to open a $250 million football stadium later this month, and Oklahoma received approval for $370 million in upgrades to Memorial Stadium. Kansas State's Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium underwent a $90 million renovation, with another $65 million in repairs set for after the season.

“Everybody is building Taj Mahals," Snyder said, "and I think it sends the message -- and young people today I think are more susceptible to the downside of that message, and that it's not about education

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