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A Pac-12 official confronted Oregon State associate athletic director Steve Fenk in the press box during the Beavers' 29-14 win over Portland State on Saturday.

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September 02, 2014

A Pac-12 official confronted Oregon State associate athletic director Steve Fenk in the press box during the Beavers' 29-14 win over Portland State on Saturday, according to the Oregonian's John Canzano.

The official was upset that the stadium video board operators showed replays of controversial plays while referees on the field were reviewing said plays. Fenk insisted Oregon State was doing nothing wrong, and according to a new conference policy, teams are allowed to show replays using the television feed until the review is completed, at which point all replays must cease.

The Pac-12, though, is contending that the scoreboard operator violated a different policy which holds that video boards can't be used in a way that demeans officials or creates a competitive disadvantage.

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According to Canzano, the video board showed several replays of plays that weren't under review but that were apparent blown calls, inciting anger in the crowd. The official also claims that replays were shown before and after reviews, which would violate policy.

There's no indication whether Oregon State will be disciplined for the content displayed on the video board.

Pac-12 referees came under scrutiny last season amid several controversial calls, including a failure to spot the ball in time during the closing seconds of a game between Arizona State and Wisconsin.

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