October 13, 2014

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) Former Alabama player Tommy Lewis, who gained fame for a play when he wasn't supposed to be on the field, has passed away.

Lewis died Sunday in a Huntsville retirement home at age 83, according to Laughlin Funeral Home.

Lewis came off the sideline in the 1954 Cotton Bowl and tackled Rice All-America halfback Dicky Maegle near the 50-yard line.

Maegle had eluded Alabama's Bart Starr and was on his way to a 95-yard touchdown run when Lewis brought him down. Lewis ran back to the bench, and Maegle was credited with a touchdown.

Lewis explained the actions by saying that he ''was just too full of Alabama.''

The two players appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show two days later.

Lewis was captain of Alabama's 1953 Southeastern Conference championship team.

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