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Rice, Pac-12 commissioner Scott say that four teams is the right number for College Football Playoff 

By SI Wire
April 16, 2015

Former Secretary of State and current College Football Playoff selection committee member Condoleezza Rice and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott both say that four teams are enough for the playoffs right now.

Rice and Scott both spoke about college athletics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business Sports Innovation Conference on Thursday.

Last season’s playoff was the first time in college football history that a national champion was determined that way after 15 years of the Bowl Championship Series.

Rice said that "the best possible scenario" is how the format is set up today.

“I feel pretty strongly about four now because I thought that the rivalry weekend—that Saturday after Thanksgiving—almost felt like a play–in game," Rice said, according to "Now the Iron Bowl, Alabama has to beat Auburn. You could imagine the circumstances in another year where the Civil War, Oregon really has to beat Oregon State. There are questions whether they will. ...

Scott said expansion beyond the current four–team format would be difficult because of the academic calendar.

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He did say the Power 5 Conference would consider expanding if there were guaranteed spots available for teams but he says that would take away from the drama of the regular season.

“I think we're all lamenting regular-season college basketball not being more popular right now, at a time when March Madness has never been more popular," Scott said. "To me, that's a great example of the field being so big that the regular season doesn't matter anymore.”

- Scooby Axson

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