July 17, 2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (STATS) - Jacksonville University's football program will not be eligible for the 2015 postseason following violations in the way it used financial aid.

The school removed itself from contention for the Pioneer Football League championship last November and later retroactively removed its wins from 2010 - when the Dolphins won a league title - through last season.

The school announced Friday that the PFL recently added this year's playoff ban.

Although Jacksonville did not follow PFL rules on financial aid, no NCAA violations were found either in the school's internal review or the league's proceedings.

"The PFL enforcement committee, composed of three league presidents and two athletic directors, met with the university to adjudicate the case and made final decisions on the matter. The committee has fully accepted Jacksonville's self-imposed sanctions and has decided upon a ban on 2015 postseason play," PFL commissioner Patty Viverito said. "Throughout the process, Jacksonville has been forthright, straight forward and a model of character and integrity."

Jacksonville's violations have occurred under head coach Kerwin Bell, who enters his ninth season this year.

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