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Clemson football players are banned from posting on social media during the season. 

By SI Wire
August 15, 2015

Don't expect to see any tweets, snapchats or Facebook posts from the Clemson Tigers the next few months. 

As has become standard practice, the Tigers’ social media ban went into effect on Aug. 3, reports USA Today

Players are not required to delete or deactivate their accounts, but are "forbidden" from being active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or other social media during the season, according to the report. 

The ban is intended to keep players' focus on football as opposed to the outside world. 

Players seem to have mixed emotions about the rule. 

“Every time I pull my phone out, the first thing I want to do is click on Instagram or Twitter or whatever,” said junior tight end Stanton Seckinger. “This ban takes that out of your head. It’s not that I don’t still have the urge, but I know I can’t do it, so it doesn’t occupy my thoughts. I don’t exactly love the ban, but I think it’s a great idea.”

The Tigers begin the 2015 season on Sept. 5. Clemson's last scheduled game is on Nov. 28, the fourth month of the ban. 

Update: The reactions to the social media ban were mixed:

And from the Clemson wide receivers coach:

- Rohan Nadkarni



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