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By Madison Hartman
September 06, 2015

Welcome to Week in Review. Each Sunday we'll bring you the highlights of the weekend in college football. No, not the game highlights— but the best of what happened before kickoff, after the final whistle and everywhere in between. Week 1 is over, and many teams' hopes of a perfect season are dashed. To help fans come to terms with that, here's a roundup of the best College GameDay signs, locker-room dances and more.

Best College GameDay Signs

With the first Saturday of college football came the first signs of GameDay, and fans obviously spent the off-season thinking up their very best zingers.

That's Hard To Swallow


TCU Loves Beyoncé

Okay, so maybe the sign wasn't about Beyoncé, but you get the point. This has us wondering: Is 'Ye a Horned Frogs fan? And more importantly, what would Kanye's official mascot be?

Harbaugh + Khakis Forever

That's a good deal. He has to win eventually, right?

Marquette Is For Winners

We see what you did there, Marquette. We'd love to give you a participation trophy for your efforts but ...

Roll Ti(n)de(r)

We're still scratching our heads over this one, but good effort.

Best Post-game Celebration

After Northwestern's surprising 16-6 win over No. 21 Stanford, Wildcats assistant coach Jerry Brown led the team in a locker-room dance circle for the ages. We only wish the video was longer, and that we were invited. That man has moves.

Best Fat Guy Field Goal

The Internet found its new favorite kicker: Penn State freshman Joey Julius. Weighing in at 5' 10" and 259 pounds, "The Big Toe" may not have been able to carry his team to victory, but he did win the hearts of millions. Well, at least a few hundred.

Quick, Play Dead!

No, we're not talking about the trick you've been trying to get your pup to learn for years with no success. Bowling Green defensive linesman Mike Minns employed the trick Saturday against Tennessee. After losing his shoe, Minns attempted to run to the sideline to get out of the play but realized it was too late. So, what did he do instead?


Serial, The Lost Episode

Hey Sarah Koenig, we've got your mystery for season two! During a replay review on Saturday, Northwestern blasted the theme song to the popular podcast over the Ryan Field loudspeakers.


Fans of The Week

This section won't necessarily honor the best fans of the week. Tennessee gets the double-shoutout because, well, Tennessee.

Fortunately, USC did win. Otherwise, this would have been embarrassing.

Did World Cup-winning soccer players come to your game? No? Please have a seat.

Looks can be deceiving, kids.


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