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By Madison Hartman
September 13, 2015

Welcome back to Week in Review. Each Sunday we bring you the highlights of the weekend in college football. No, not the game highlights— but the best of what happened before kickoff, after the final whistle and everywhere in between. Week 2 is in the books, but Saturday left us with fond memories of mascots behaving badly, piggyback rides, and one shocked baby.

Losing Never Looked So Good

So what if Hawaii's Rainbow Warriors lost 38-0 to Ohio State? Their retro uniforms were so fresh, we're confident no one else can top them - and it's only Week 2.


Auburn unveiled its enormous new scoreboard for its first home game of the season. At a whopping 10,830 square-feet, Jordan-Hare Stadium now has the largest scoreboard in college football. The scoreboard is so big, they just went ahead and left the original INSIDE OF IT. They were, however, this close to not being able to chant "SCOREBOARD," at the other team, Jacksonville State, who the Tigers needed overtime to beat.

This Week In Mascots

Mascots did so much to bring us happiness this week that we don't even know where to begin, but actually we do—with this traitor. That doesn't look like official school business, sir. In fact, it's rather ... cavalier of you to pose for that photo.

Otto the Orange, Syracuse's mascot, appears to think he's suiting up for the game. Otto is pretty flexible though, perhaps he's better suited for the gymnastics team.

It's hard to argue that Colorado doesn't have the best mascot intro in the country—if only because no other mascot instills fear in us quite the same way as Ralphie. Plus, the caption is "Here comes Ralphie!" Who else just flashed back to The Shining?

Bucky's biceps must be BURNING today after Wisconsin scored 58 unanswered points Saturday in a rout of Miami (Ohio). Remember that Bucky has to do push-ups after every touchdown. Work out the math for yourself and also pity that poor human in a hot badger suit. What a trooper.

And finally, that moment when you introduce your child to your team's mascot and they either become a lifelong fan, or are terrified and hate mascots/sports forever. It's a 50-50 shot.

Game of Thrones, College Football Edition

For someone who clearly desires to give off an air of royalty, this dude sure did pick a crappy beer. You know nothing (about beer), (preppy version of) Jon Snow!

Who Run The World?

April Goss may not run the world but she does seem to be having a good run at Kent State, where she became the second female kicker EVER to score in an FBS game. Mad props, April.


UTSA's tight end isn't just carrying his team on his back, he's carrying the OTHER team, too—literally. We kind of admire the Kansas State defender for never giving up but also, that's not how you tackle, man.

Locker Room Dance of The Week

This week's winner is Houston, who celebrated their huge win over Louisville, 34-31 by getting down in the locker room to Future with BONUS—an enormous Texas flag waving in the air because, Texas. You're right Adrian Mayes, Houston is 100.

He Never Saw It Coming

This tiny baby did not expect Notre Dame to come back against the Cavaliers and take home the win, breaking the collective heart of Charlottesville. That's life kid, better get used to it.

Trump Card

Did your tailgate have the most talked about 2016 presidential candidate? Unless you were at the Cy-Hawk game in Iowa, then your tailgate wasn't nearly as exciting—or crowded with media—as it was for Iowa State-Iowa. Bonus: #TrumpSelfies.

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