September 16, 2015

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) UAB football coach Bill Clark will make at least $605,000 annually under a new five-year deal that includes incentives for everything from fundraising to season ticket sales.

The University of Alabama trustees' compensation committee on Wednesday unanimously approved the new contract, which took effect on June 1. Trustees also approved a five-year deal for new athletic director Mark Ingram with a $300,000 base salary. Trustees athletics committee chairman Finish St. John said he hopes the deals will be a ''positive turning point and we will all commit to working together constructively for the success of UAB athletics.

UAB temporarily shut down the football program after Clark's first season, reinstating it six months later. The Blazers will field a team again in 2017.

Clark can receive escalating bonuses for eight milestones in donations he helps land for building university-approved athletic facilities. Those start with $10,000 for $1 million and rise to $50,000 if donations reach $20 million, reaching up to $200,000 total. He'll also get a $25,000 longevity bonus each Feb. 15 through 2020 plus performance incentives.

Clark gets $20,000 if UAB sells 5,000 season tickets. That would rise to $35,000 for 7,500 tickets and $50,000 for 10,000-plus.

Clark would receive $10,000 for beating a team from a Power 5 conference. He'd make $25,000 for reaching six wins, $30,000 for seven, $35,000 for eight and $40,000 for nine.

UAB President Ray Watts said Clark has helped in securing donations to the program and in conversations with the NCAA about reinstating the program.

Clark's initial three-year deal in 2014 paid $500,000 a year

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